hi my name is youra.
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1. my website is on
let's learn html and css together. Let's learn markup language! 같이 웹사이트를 만들어보아요.
what bags do I have? collection of my (tote) bags. 토트백 컬렉션. 여러분의 토트백도 자랑해보세요!
Was Here Dying Silently 조용히 죽어가는 이들을 위한 기념비 with KJ and JM
Bamboo-Forest (대나무숲) is an online space to tell anything anonymously. 무엇이든 털어놓을 수 있는 익명의 공간.
Park Closes at 11 PM an archive of the parks that I've visited... 재미있는 공원들을 소개해주세요.

alternatives of screentime (you should check it)
Magic 8 Ball This will give you wise answers.
21 Days with Areca Archive of the Areca experiment
Random Work Random work for your daily routine.
My Web Development Class Want to see my Web Dev Class Portfolio?
Password GeneratorThis creates a random 12-digit password for you.
What am I doing today? This shows what I am doing right now...

⌜Jeonju International Film Festival Photo Dump⌟
with Yunhee and Hoeyeon (my friends 🩵)

IMG-6600 IMG-6725 IMG-6660 IMG-6653