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Bamboo-Forest (대나무숲) is an online space to tell anything anonymously.
무엇이든 털어놓을 수 있는 익명의 공간.
Park Closes at 11 PM an archive of the parks that I've visited............
me in Milwaukee
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alternatives of screentime (you should check it)
a book I bought recently: Raving (Practices)
Written by Mckenzie Wark
(2023.12.31 update)
Cinema in Chicago
Magic 8 Ball
This will give you wise answers.
my text list (under construction)
my tshirt
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21 Days with Areca Archive of the experiment
Random Work Random work for your daily routine.
My Web Development Class Want to see my Web Dev Class Portfolio?
Password Generator
Creates a random 12-digit password for you.

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